Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK— Dear May Pictures is proud to announce the release of Excuses For Jeff, a screenplay brimming with Jamaican authenticity and modern relevancy, exploring the macho-ism and homophobia that still exists in the Caribbean country.

Excuses is a character study of four boyhood friends, now grown and leading vastly different lives. The fifth, Jeff, you never meet, as he’s been beaten to death on the streets of Mandeville, Manchester for being an openly gay man. In documentary-style, his friends are all interviewed, explaining their reasons for not attending his funeral.

Allen is captivatingly believable in his portrayal of each man, and his heart-wrenching performances bring attention to the alarming bigotry still found in Jamaica’s present culture.

“Americans are fighting for the worthy cause of marriage equality, while Jamaicans are still getting killed for their sexual orientation,” says Allen. “I wanted to bring attention to that. To how far we’ve come, and how far the world has to go when it comes to equality.”